Kevin Herrick

“Hi Dave. Just a quick note to say how happy I am with your work. I had envisioned this marker as a gift to my brother to mark a tiny piece of land on Sodus Bay called “Knob Island”. Many years ago it truly was a Tiny Island in the bay, even shown on old maps, but now the sand bar (known as Crescent Beach) has shifted back and it no longer is an island, yet his taxes show he has to still pay for it as a separate piece of land. He has always wanted a plaque or some way of showing it was an island. We saw your work at the Hilton Apple Fest and decided to come see you about a permanent marker for his land. At your house we picked the large rock and envisioned what it might look like………But now that it is done……we are very impressed with the work…….it will be a lifetime memory and a part of the island for many many years to come. I want to thank you for this wonderful creation. I’m certain many will see it and ask where we got it, and you will be highly recommended. I will send you a photo of it in its final resting place this spring. I can’t wait for my brother to see it this Christmas. Thanks Dave……Very, very well done!”

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